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Digital Portfolio: Google Drive Folder of Work and References

UE4 Dungeon Level Design

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This is an environment I created for over 2 days using this marketplace package: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/fantasy-dungeon

I did the level design on paper and then experimented in engine using BSP, I then detailed the scene with the assets I had available, and finally did a lighting pass.

I’d have liked more assets to decorate and make it feel more “lived in” to some degree, but I could only use the given assets.


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Unity  – Chillsters was a 4 man game start up that I was part of during 2013-2014. We developed 2 released titles and 2 un released titles:

  • Robot Blitz environment, character and user interface art and design (Released)
  • Paddlin’ Out game design ideas and marketing (Released)
  • Domino Nation lead game design, prototyping, game art and producer (Unreleased)
  • Multiplayer Tactical Space game lead game design and prototyping, producer and game artist (Unannounced)


I was the lead designer on two of the projects – Domino Nation and the tactical space game. I created the prototypes for both and pitched to the team and potential investors.

I developed the environment art and level design / game flow for both Domino Nation and Robot Blitz, and led the design of Domino Nation and the tactical space game from the ground up. I worked on the game design documentation and production breakdowns for the projects, as well as marketing and presentation materials.

The games were sold across Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, we also attended the “Launch” conference in Birmingham as an exhibitor, which led to an invite for pitching of the unannounced multiplayer tactical space game for mobiles and tablets to Microsoft evangelist Lee Stott.


UE4 – Eclipse

Eclipse was a game developed during a 2-day game jam. I was the lead designer, facilitating group discussions and idea generation on how to tackle the theme, and helped organise our team into development roles. As part of my technical designer role, I also developed the character particle systems / animations and environment art and level construction for the game jam.

Eclipse won a place at EGX 2014 through an Unreal Engine competition where we submitted the title for review. The game received great feedback from both the gamer community, the Unreal staff and the developers at EGX.



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UE4 – Game Jam

You play as a guardian, a protector of the “scavengers” who search the land for energy wells to power their dying cities. Your speed, finesse and firepower are the only line of defence between the scavengers and the hordes of sentient AI that protect the planet.

Scavengers was a solo game jam entry for the Epic Mega Jam 2015.

My goal during the game jam was to work with the user interface (UMG) system as much as possible to create responsive designs that could be utilised in other projects.

I also wanted to create something fast paced and exciting, and work with the AI behaviour tree system inside UE4, which led me to creating this project.

The final submission was a challenging time attack game where enemies would spawn from mother ships in hordes. They would focus on different enemy titans which gave the player a sense of micro-management and pressure. Objectives were relayed using an icon based HUD and markers for “titan defence” and “destroy mothership” objectives. The player saves the titans by destroying a certain amount of enemies in a local area on the titan marked by a special depth sorting material circle area that I developed from research.

The player maintained a score and (in typical game jam mentality) could continue on an endless cycle of defence until losing to gain a highscore. Future developments included refinement and refactoring of the enemy AI system, graphical and behaviour refinement of the user interface objective markers and implementation of a more modular designer tool for that system, and refinement of the players main mechanic -grapple ropes.

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