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Satellite Command

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“The UK games industry is renowned for its highly skilled workforce, and Alacrity Falmouth is central to incubating the next wave of talented game creators to drive our industry forward.” –Dr Maria Stukoff, Head of Academic Development, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


“Considering many of these developers have only been working with UE4 for a few months, the results are sensational… The quality of the talent is genuinely impressive.” Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager, Epic Games.

Position: Creative Director and Lead Designer
During: May 2014 – November 2015

I joined Stormtide in May 2014, a few months later we were exhibiting at EGX 2014 with Epic Games thanks to our work with Unreal Engine. This was a testament to our ability and led out ambitions using Unreal Engine.

  • Game design and production planning
  • Design and planning documentation and management
  • Graphic design for marketing pitching and presentation materials
  • Design consultancy, presentations, market outreach, trade shows and pitching
  • Successful acquisition of external investment to Stormtide company
  • User interface design, graphics, and coding


I was one of four founding partners of Stormtide which was developed in an incubation programing called Alacrity Falmouth;  focussing on creating investable and innovative start-up studios in Cornall Falmouth.

Our company aimed at filling a “white space” in the leisure and entertainment industries by focusing on multiplayer high quality realism and simulation exhibition game solutions for leisure and entertainment attractions.

Out first opportunities included Goonhilly Earth Station and the Eden Project.

During my time at Stormtide I developed the game design with the team, created the design documentation and presentation materials for clients. I also developed in-engine content such as user interface, prototype programming and occasionaly 3D/2D artwork and effects.

I led development of business plans, game design, production documentation and outreach, leading our company to work with Goonhilly Earth Station, exhibitions with the BBC Make it digital roadshow, BBC Radio Cornwall and Cornwall Pirate FM, Falmouth University, The Royal Cornwall show, The Eden Project, EGX Rezzed and EGX 2014.

Game Review:

Our first product, Satellite Command, gives players the chance to interact with simulated space craft in a multiplayer mission control experience; working together to learn about, and control their own satellite orbiting Earth with the mission to defend operational satellites such as the ISS and Hubble from hazardous orbital debris using experimental particle lasers.

Satellite Command has been developed in partnership with Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall, a recognized space communications station and teleport, to include scientific accuracy and realistic simulation physics. The game is designed to improve footfall and user experience when engaging with new and complex topics such as satellite mission control.

I co-developed Eclipse during Alacrity Falmouth, a game jam title and winner of an Epic Games competition for an EGX 2014 exhibition stand.


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