I’ve recently been testing pixel art in VR for a prototype I’ve been working on.

This was my first ever animated character – A funky little skeleton based on another artists work, whom I can no longer find to reference :S


This was a lighting test I did in order to check framerate hits when using Lit masked shadow casting GPU sprites. It works without VR really well, but in VR it dies – so I’ll be creating little fake shadows underneath similar to OskSta on twitter with his lit – blend with Min – method.

lighting lighting2 socialBanner

And here is just a little bit of fun in VR with hundreds of minions, my next optimisation now that i’ve tried animations, is to make sure they aren’t updating on tick when theyre idle.

The material can play its animation, and if the player is with a certain radius of the actor their tick can start again, but otherwise I need to disable their movement components and other functionality until the player is nearby, or if they are fighting / chasing etc.


So far so good, I have a deadline to produce a demo for this project by the 3rd of April, so, time to crack on! 😀