In the ~4 years since I left staffs, I’ve been making prototypes, in Unity, in Unreal, on paper on post it notes, whiteboards, photoshop etc etc you get the idea. I love making content, that’s me in a nutshell!

I wanted to share a bunch of gif’s I’ve posted on my twitter and facebook accounts over the years, I quite enjoy the nostalgia, and I think you might like it too!


This is a big AI optimisation tester I’m putting myself through, currently im not dropping below 70fps thanks to clever pooling of assets and randomisation / management of particle system content.

Outside of behaviour tree practice, I’ve been working a lot wih the construction scripts to get cool formation math working and then applied that to single functions in the project. I’ve had over 200 minions running about so far, pretty fun little project!!!




This was the start of a VR game jam entry which I submitted to unreal, it was my first experience in VR and peers found that it had really difficult controls. Another one for the backlog!


In these gifs you’ll see over 30,000 static units preparing for battle in a VR prototype I was working on with a friend, the idea here was to remake lords of midnight in the modern day! The game didnt kick off the ground because of the scope we wanted to give the game. We took some lessons and moved forward onto new ideas in the meantime!


I also made some edits to the shipped VR pickup interface allowing me to easily customise tonnes of weapons and iterate fast. But, I only show one here, so kinda redundant!


This was another UE4 prototype for a game jam, I didnt get too far with this one, but it had some great flowing movement mechanics very much based on Journeys movement.


This was a teaser for a game design I’ve had for years, but I wanted to wait for vr before I gave it some real TLC, it later turned out a decent studio had already made a wicked version of this game in the meantime, also in VR. It was a good dabble to get me into the flow of VR though.


This is a Unity prototype I made with a friend of mine, we took the talent show VR to a comic con show in UK midlands and had non-stop players, people returning for more and paying some great money to charity to do so, it was ace!


Snowkin was a game jam for the winter theme by Unreal Engine, one of the modifiers was “the coolest character” so we made snowkin, hes snowkin hot!




I developed a bunch of particles in the Jam and did a tonne with paper 2D and behaviour trees / nav meshing, the game worked out pretty good in the end! It was a hellfire game and also mixed in some tower defense.


Anyway, that’s a few of my shots, theres a bunch more on twitter and instagram etc but I wanted to throw an update out.