I wanted to share a breakdown of the “Nyxi” game here.

Nyxi was a game made over 4 days during the Epic Mega Jam held in May 2016. Me and friend designed the game around the theme “What goes down must come up” wherein seeds were planted which grew into mechanic driven puzzle solving elements;

Jack and the beanstalk style height gain plant

Bouncy mushrooms

Bridge vines

Acid rain resistant “bulbs”

Glow in the dark mushrooms


These seeds and plants were designed to be the driving force of the puzzles, although only the bouncy mushrooms made the final demo.



The map ideas were designed so that players had to choose where to plant their collected seeds, using the plants that grew to complete the puzzles in the game.



I worked on creating the blueprint programming for the game, and also worked on shader art, level design in engine and lighting. I created 3D models with my team in the later part of the game jam to help fill the world with more story and atmosphere.


We weren’t able to complete the entire idea, but were left with a game that received and honourable mention during the Unreal Twitch stream!