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Renn Farnell – Technical Designer

E-Mail: RennFarnell@gmail.com
Mobile: (44) 07714201156
Skype: renn-farnell

Digital Portfolio:
Google Drive Folder of Work and References

Qualifications / Degree

Distinction Masters in Computer Game Design
Staffordshire University

Masters in Entrepreneurship
Alacrity Program – Falmouth University

Software Knowledge

– Unreal Engine 4 blueprints and editor tool set
– Unity 3D Game Engine and C#

– Autodesk 3D Studio Max
– Adobe Photoshop

Twitter Game Dev Account 
During: September 2015 – Present

– Game design, agile and waterfall production planning and contract negotiation
– Game programming and 2D/3D artwork creation
– C# Programming for app development
– User interface design, production and testing

Derby College
Click Here for Youtube Videos

Position: Lecturer of Games Development
During: August 2016 – January 2017

– Demonstration content created using UE4 and video edited tutorials
– Unreal Engine 4 blueprint – theory and application
– Agile production planning in teams – theory and application
– Game design theory and idea communication
– Client sourcing and organising “guest lecturing” and events
– Assignment creation and development, marking and feedback
– “Scheme of work” development and lesson planning
– Student / group profiling and differentiation of resources

Bloc Digital
Position: Unity Developer
During: February 2016 – August 2016

– Augmented reality mobile app development using C# and Unity 3D
– User interface / experience design, production and testing
– Working to tight deadlines and self-directed planning / management
– Augmented, virtual and mixed reality development (mobile, oculus, vive, hololens)
– Working as part of an established production pipeline
– Back-up and repository management

Stormtide Limited – “Satellite Command”
Video Link
Position: Creative Director and Lead Designer
During: May 2014 – November 2015

– Lead game design and documentation
– Game play scripting and focus testing
– User interface / experience design and production
– Agile and waterfall production management and team leadership
– Business and investment planning, documentation, management
– Pitching and presentations
– Graphic and web design, marketing and word processing
– Public events / exhibition preparation and management

Critical Pixel – “Polymorph”
Video Link
Position: Lead Environment Artist
During: November 2012 – May 2014

– Environment modelling, sculpting, re-topology and texturing
– Game world design (art style, themes, narrative and visual flow)
– Unreal engine shaders and material design
– Functionality testing and bug fixing
– Exhibition planning, preparation and support
– Game play design and development (Player motivation, challenges and rewards)
– Project pitching and presentations
– Agile development

Chillsters Studio – “Domino Nation” – “Paddlin’ Out” – “Robot Blitz”
Robot Blitz Video Link
Paddlin Out Video Link
Position: Business Partner, Lead Game Designer, 3D Environment Artist, Unity Developer
During: October 2013 – October 2014

– Game design, agile planning, and rapid prototyping (Unity C# scripting and documentation)
– Modular environment modelling, re-topology and texturing
– 3D Character and computer animation, video recording and editing.
– Editing 3D, 2D, texture, animation and character assets in engine
– Level design and post processing
– Functionality testing and bug fixing
– Exhibition planning, preparation and support
– Pitching and presentations, social media management and marketing


“The Light” – Honourable mention by Epic Games – September 2016 – 2 Man project – VIDEO LINK (21:25)
Role: Lead developer in Unreal Engine.
During: 2 Days September 2016
Download – click here

– Level design and 2D art sourcing
– Game play programming and game flow
– Narrative development with team
– Audio sourcing and design in game

“Nyxi” –  Honourable mention by Epic Games – May 2016 – 2 Man Project – VIDEO LINK (1:04:00)
Role: Lead Design and technical artist
During: 2 Days May 2016
Download – click here

– Game design and scripting
– Technical art style development
– Level composition and low poly 3D artwork

“Eclipse” –  Alacrity Game Jam Winner – EGX 2014 exhibition – VIDEO LINK
Role: Lead Design and technical artist
During: 2 day game jam in 2014

– Game design
– VFX development (particle systems)
– Modular 3D environment and texturing
– Level composition, lighting and testing
– User interface design and production

“Fluffyville” – Staffordshire University Group Project – 10 Man Team
Role: Producer
During: September 2010 – April 2011

– Low poly environment art and level design
– Character unwrapping, texturing, rigging and animation
– Editing 3D, texture, animation and character assets in engine
– Game design and production management

Other Game Jams:

– Several “Cambridge Brains Eden” game jams
– Several ludum dare competitions
– Several global game jams
– Countless personal rapid prototyping projects
– “Dare to Be Digital” concept and pre-production on title “Tri”
– Unreal Engine Epic Mega Jam and other game jams
Alacrity game jam winner

About Me:

I’ve been developing games since 2009 through university and indie start-ups, it has always been my mission to be part of the game industry, a life of creativity, innovation, inspiration and community.

I love working in this industry, it’s volatile and challenging, it’s friendly and competitive, it’s full of problems that need solving and ideas that need bringing to life, and that is the life I love!

My creative itch has been expressed in technical design roles throughout my career, and my quest for quality and completion of games has led me to producer roles as well. I research and develop my skills daily whilst working on prototypes and keeping up to date with new tech and software, industry news, new releases and live projects.

I live and breathe game development and have consistently pushed myself to achieve more, produce better content, understand as much as I can and develop my skills with prototypes every day.

Production management and technical design is my calling in industry, I love being part of a team, and I love creating and facilitating creation, I can’t wait to settle into a role where I can see myself creating a fun and exciting future for games, players, my colleagues and my friends.


After spending 2 years in graphic design and art courses during my A-Levels, I pursued a career in computer games design at Staffordshire University.

I learnt a wide range of skills at university, and outside of my academic work I was part of the “Critical Pixel” 10-man game team who won second place at the Make Something Unreal competition in 2013 amongst competition all across Europe. I then started my own studio with 3 others with the goal to create niche mobile games using Unity3D.

After completing several mobile games, the studio parted ways, and I was invited to take part in the Alacrity games development program at Falmouth University as a technical designer, where I spent the following year and a half working in a small games development team of 4 on a client led multiplayer satellite simulation game using Unreal Engine 4, we later reworked existing assets into a single player version of the game now available on iOS, android and Steam, also helping secure investment.

During the Alacrity program, I also completed a 2-day game jam title Eclipse which won the game jam among the 20 developer cohort who were selected for the program from around the UK and Europe. We later won a placement stand at EGX 2014 with Unreal Engine with Eclipse.

I helped secure investment for Stormtide whilst working as their technical and lead designer, and left my post after investment was secured to pursue designer / producer roles in the game industry. I later started contract work at Bloc Digital working as a Unity Developer / Programmer on exciting and innovative AR and VR applications, and then secured full time work as a lecturer of games development at Derby College.

I currently work from my home studio on freelance contracts and personal / group game projects for VR.

Formal Course list

Falmouth University Entrepreneurship:

Dissertation: Management in small teams


  • Feasibility research and market due diligence
  • High concept design and documentation
  • Product prototyping and preliminary testing
  • Business model generation


  • Fully feature game design documentation
  • Project scheduling and prioritisation
  • Team scrum agile and waterfall planning
  • Financial forecasting and cash flows projection
  • Risk assessment and risk management


  • Social media management and marketing materials
  • Scrum agile and waterfall management
  • Client and consumer liaising
  • Quality assurance and product testing
  • Public events planning and management

Staffordshire University Game Design:

Dissertation: Handheld Games Modelling and Optimization

  • Comparative physiology for animatronics
  • 3D body and facial modelling
  • 3D character rigging and animation
  • Handheld games design, modelling and texturing
  • ZBrush character and environment sculpting

Dissertation: Game Design: Surrealism and Innovation

  • Computer games design documentation
  • Level design
  • High concept and preproduction planning
  • Production management and testing
  • Multiplayer and experimental game play prototyping
  • Group Projects
  • Games engines and physics programming

Thanks for reading this CV. I’d be happy to have a chat via phone, skype or email:

E-Mail: RennFarnell@gmail.com
Mobile: (44) 07714201156
Skype: renn-farnell


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